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Inspired by nature 

self-cleaning and easy to clean hydrophobic and photo-catalytic nano coatings.

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INFRA PRO - Far Infrared finishing agent for Textile Fabric

Infra Pro - Far- infrared finishing agent is the state of art product specially developed for hi-tech textile modification purpose. Treated surface will constantly emit 8~15 μm light wavelength and also can absorb and transmit body needed far infrared energy.

Reducing Production Cost and Saving Environment                   

Infra Pro coating cures at room temperatures holds the 50 washing cycle’s industrial standards. It is removing costly heating from production line and is so durable. Benefit for both end user and environment.

Functional Coating for Textiles - Properties and Specifications  

Coating is made of Zinc as raw material, processed through nano preparation technology.

Properties: water-based solution can constantly emit 8~15μm light wavelength, nontoxic, does not affect breathability, color*, and touch feeling.

Widely applied to cotton fabric, blended fabric, chemical fiber fabric, non-woven fabrics, leather and other types fabric's long-lasting wash-resistant finishing. Below the handle unchanged situation, the processed fabric's antimicrobial, far -infrared, anion effects are still be able to meet the relevant international standards after 50 washing times.

Product Feature                                                                                

Appearance:  Off-white solution
Solid Content(Zinc Oxide):  Min 10% 
PH value:  7.0 ± 0.5
Particle size Max:  20 nm
Density:  1.02 ± 0.1 g/ml

Product Characteristic                                                                      

1. Antimicrobial: Efficient broad-spectrum sterilization, antimicrobial rate is 99.99%.
2. Far-infrared emitting rate: Min 90%
3. Wash resistant: above 50 times (testing method - JISL0217 or GB/T8629) 
4. Oxidation: Good anti-oxidation function does not change color.
5. Security: non-toxic, harmless, Broad-spectrum sterilization, long lasts effect,
6. Able to release far infrared permanently, improve micro circulation, enhance body’s immunity.

Process:  Spraying or Dipping

Curing:  Curing (20°C) -  8-12 hours     Fully Cured after 24 hours

Shelf Life: 12 months

Storage: dry and dark place

Packing units: 20 l drum

* The testing is needed before using because it may affect the fabric's color.

INFRA PRO - Far Infrared Enabled Coating for Textile FabricINFRA PRO - Far Infrared Enabled Coating for Textile Fabric

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