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Inspired by nature 

self-cleaning and easy to clean hydrophobic and photo-catalytic nano coatings.

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Hydrophobic nano coating for wood

Hydrophobic Technology for Unpainted Wood Protection

Natural wood surfaces react sensitively to water, fats, oils and other dirt deposits, which easily penetrate these surfaces. The raw wood deeply absorbs these pollutants, which lead to unattractive and clearly visible stains and soiling. Even with intensive cleaning such persistent stains cannot be removed. A long-lasting stain and dirt deflecting protection is, therefore, required for these surfaces.

A hydrophobic/oleo-phobic coating was conceived in such a way that deposit of pollutants is reduced to a minimum and damages from environmental influences are prevented. This innovative water repellent nano coating protects almost any type of unpainted wood from water, dirt, root, mould, contamination and stains whilst remaining totally invisible! It will not affect the appearance,maintaining natural wooden look and its ability to breath, and is easy to maintain.Rain, mud, mould, soot, soil don't stand a chance! Because Magic Wood Coat is super hydrophobic.

 Area of Application

  • Protection to all unpainted wood,
  • MDF, OSB, Plywood and Particle-board
  • Interior Wooden Panelling
  • Exterior Wooden Panelling
  • Wooden Sculptures
  • Wooden Houses
  • Garden Furniture
  • Garden Fences
  • Saunas
  • Trims around the swimming pools, and many others

The Magic Wood Coat protects wood surfaces with a super durable, breathable and undetectable coating.

Coating bonds to most natural wood via quantum forces and it is easily absorbed by wood. The coatings can‘t be applied to oily wood surfaces, painted and impregnated wood, wet wood. There are no glues, resins or other chemicals within this product.


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