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Inspired by nature 

self-cleaning and easy to clean hydrophobic and photo-catalytic nano coatings.

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Magic Glass Coat – Hydrophobic Nano Coating


Magic Glass Coat is an invisible, non-stick hydrophobic coating that reduces cleaning time by up to 90%. Application is a simple process of spraying the liquid coating onto a clean surface to provide a permanent protective bond. With Magic Glass Coat, the use of harsh chemicals is eliminated. Due to the reduction in cleaning, you use less water, so the benefit to the environment is cumulative and ongoing. With NanoMagic it's easy being green!

Magic Glass Coat is not a traditional coating that sits on the glass, but instead chemically bonds with it, becoming a permanent extension to the surface. Unlike competitor products, it does not require regular revitalizing products to maintain performance.

Since Magic Glass Coat creates a permanent non-stick coating which reduces both the frequency and the time spent cleaning; maintenance costs can be significantly reduced. Magic Glass Coat also protects the glass from staining and etching over time - eliminating the need for commercial and private properties to undertake the cost of glass restoration or replacement.

Magic Glass Coat has large number of unique factors that distinguish the coating from competitive products.

These key factors include:

  • Durability - chemical bonding to the substrate ensures a durable, hard-wearing coating after just one application. It does not require any revitalizing products to maintain the non-stick surface.
  • Ultimate Protection - Magic Glass Coat is only two molecules thick, is completely transparent and is both water and oil resistant. Magic Glass Coat is also resistant to UV degradation, thus maintaining the integrity of the surface.
  • User Friendly - Glass does not become slippery after application of Magic Glass Coat and can easily be handled. No need to mask-up the glass before application. The coating will bond directly to treated glass.


Magic Glass Coat is a simple two step process which includes pre-cleaning and application. Magic Glass Coat Hydrophobic can be applied to the glass surface in 3 simple ways:

  1. Manual: Using trigger spray method and wiping into the surface
  2. Semi-automated: Using a low volume, low pressure spray gun
  3. Fully automated: Dip coating

Magic Glass Coat can be easily applied to all types of glass.


Magic Glass Coat Price:

Magic Glass Coat 250 ml - 50 EUR
Magic Glass Coat 1000 ml - 187 EUR

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