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Inspired by nature 

self-cleaning and easy to clean hydrophobic and photo-catalytic nano coatings.

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Wood nano Protection Service

NanoMagic specialize in wood substrates protection, especially natural wood, but also MDF, OSB, plywood and particleboard, etc.

nano coating for wood impregnation

Our service includes protection of unpainted wood such as garden furniture, wooden houses, inside and outside paneling, saunas, trims around the swimming pools, wooden sculptures, garden fences and many others.

NanoMagic protection creates an invisible protection against dirt, moisture, lichen and microorganisms while ensuring maximum permeability. Wood retains the original appearance, without changing the parameters of its utility.

Advantages and Benefits of nano Protection:

  • Resistance of wooden surface from dirt, water, oil and UV radiation,
  • Surface does not change the natural appearance and the "touch" the covered material,
  • Prevents physical, chemical and biological erosion of wooden surfaces,
  • Dirt, sludge, dust and mud (including grease and oil) is easily removed with clean water (preferably under pressure)
  • Inhibits the development of moss, algae and mold
  • Maintaining  "breathing" of the surface
  • Long-lasting protection of surfaces against water, dirt, grease and oil
  • Temperature resistance: Up to 450 °C (peak temperature)


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