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Inspired by nature 

self-cleaning and easy to clean hydrophobic and photo-catalytic nano coatings.

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NanoMagic - Tombstone Care, Cleaning and Protection Service

Tombstone Professional Care - NanoMagic offers a unique tombstone and gravestone cleaning, restoration and nano Protection service.

Tombstone care. Before and afterThe tombstones are associated with loved ones who have passed away. It is a place where we can visit them and pray for them. We all want to keep them clean and well maintained, although it requires frequent visits and quite a job. Most of us do not have the time at so fast running life in these times, so most of the time tombs are neglected. 


Neglected unprotected Tombstones are exposed to:

  • soot from candles penetrates deeply into stone structure and is very difficult to remove
  • trees resin
  • stains from rotting leaves
  • wax from broken candles
  • growth of fungi, algae and lichen
  • environmental pollution's
  • stone corrosion

NanoMagic can face this challenge by offering a unique tombstone and gravestone cleaning, restoration and nano Protection service.

What we offer?

NanoMagic specialize in science called Nanotechnology. With the most advanced technology, scientists invented a new way of surface protection. Working on the molecular level, they provided us with coatings that are safe for the environment, more durable, giving the surface of the new thus far unprecedented properties.

A hydrophobic/oleophobic coating reduces deposits of pollutants to minimum and damages from environmental influences are prevented. Through the hydrophobic/oleophobic effect of the protective coating, dirt particles such as soot from candles, soil, materials from environmental influences can no longer be absorbed directly through the stone surface. Dirt particles are easily removed without the need for abrasive cleaning solvents or machines. Due to its inorganic network structure, the coating is extremely durable.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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