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Inspired by nature 

self-cleaning and easy to clean hydrophobic and photo-catalytic nano coatings.

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Stone Cottage damp proofing and nano protection service

NanoMagic Stone Cottage damp proofingNanoMagic provides protection service of stone walls against rain water penetration from the outside and also prevent against water capillary penetration, without disturbing wall breathability and original appearance.
We use clear, colourless stone protection liquid based on silanes, which will protect stone from water ingress, pollution, vegetation, algae and staining keeping your stone house looking like new for up to 10 years, saving you energy, time and money.


NanoMagic stone protection and waterproofing service benefits:

  • We use advanced breathable stone sealer to prevent the internal area becoming damp

  • Protecting and waterproofing stone wall for up to 10 years with one application of the nano coating

  • Reducing cleaning, powerwashing and painting

  • Improved thermal efficiency of house as the stone impregnation prevents water ingress

  • Frost resistant 

  • Significantly reduced attack from salts (e.g. chlorides)

  • Reduced growth of micro-organisms, moulds and moss

NanoMagic offers innovative damp rising and damp proofing solution for all your project needs; from basement to roof. Whether your structure is new or old we have professional damp proofing solution to keep your building dry.  

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