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Inspired by nature 

self-cleaning and easy to clean hydrophobic and photo-catalytic nano coatings.

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NanoMagic - Microbial and fungal nano Protection Service

NanoMagic specializes in professional safe for human and environment surfaces disinfection and self-cleaning surface.

For this purpose we are using nano particles of Zinc or Titan. These metals are safe for us and we commonly meet them in everyday use. For example, titanium oxide is widely used food additive or zinc oxide in baby rash creams.

The main advantages of NanoMagic protection technology products are their long anti-bacterial and fungicidal effect. These are essential advantages over traditional specimens, disinfectants, which operate only at the time of use. Specimens based on NanoMagic Protection Technology leave on the surface active nano particles, which act as biocide coating up to several weeks.

Magic IQ Coat can be used in the form of surface-active coating on various substrates such as metals, plastics, leather, textiles, paper, ceramics etc.

Magic IQ Coat - Titanium dioxide (TiO2) self-cleaning and disinfection

TiO2 is an active compound of Magic IQ Coat that react under the influence of light. This process we call photocatalysis.

Magic IQ Coat Photocatalyst nano-TiO2 super disinfection power has been verified not only can kill bacteria, virus and fungi, but also can eliminate foul smell.

Magic IQ Coat Photocatalyst nano-TiO2 also has been tested can eliminate the toxic and carcinogen gases, like VOC and formaldehyde, etc.

Photocatalyst Magic IQ Coat does not only kill bacteria cells, but also decompose the cell itself. The titanium dioxide photocatalyst has been found to be more effective than any other antibacterial agent, because the photocatalytic reaction works even when there are cells covering the surface and while the bacteria are actively propagating. The end toxin produced at the death of cell is also expected to be decomposed by photocatalytic action. Titanium dioxide does not deteriorate and it shows a long-term anti-bacterial effect. Generally speaking, disinfections by titanium dioxide is three times stronger than chlorine, and 1.5 times stronger than ozone.

The photocatalytic reactivity of titanium oxides can be applied for the reduction or elimination of polluted compounds in air such as NOx, cigarette smoke, as well as volatile compounds arising from various construction materials. Also, high photocatalytic reactivity can be applied to protect lamp-houses and walls in tunnelling, as well as to prevent white tents from becoming sooty and dark. Atmospheric constituents such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and CFC substitutes, greenhouse gases, and nitrogenous and sulfurous compounds undergo photo chemical reactions either directly or indirectly in the presence of sunlight. In a polluted area, these pollutants can eventually be removed.

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