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Inspired by nature 

self-cleaning and easy to clean hydrophobic and photo-catalytic nano coatings.

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NanoMagic - Concrete and concrete reinforcement impregnation and nano Protection Service

Concrete is an extremely tough and durable material. However it has weakness. Its porous structure, left unprotected is exposed to water ingress, frost damage, sour rain water, development of microorganisms, deposition of salt, and from all sorts of liquids and stains. Long penetration of water can lead to corrosion of structural reinforcement and result in damage of the concrete structure.

NanoMagic offers a professional service in the field of concrete protection and corrosion inhibition of reinforced concrete.

concrete reinforcement corrosion animation

Specially designed for this purpose liquid based on silanes deeply penetrates the concrete structure reducing the level of corrosion due to the reaction of the active substance of cement and steel surface. Effectively inhibits macro cell (mat-to-mat) and micro-cell (along re-bar) corrosion of steel- reinforced concrete.

The protective coating prevents water and other damaging substances like chloride ions dissolved in water from entering the structure. The product we are using is environment friendly.

Our service includes professional protection of: house driveways, balconies and facades, basement floors and ceilings, bridges, tunnels other road edifices etc.

Our service protects concrete structures against:

  • Water and chemicals penetrationNanoMagic waterproof hydrophobic wall protectionNanoMagic waterproof hydrophobic wall protection
  • Capillary moist permeability
  • Environmental pollution, dirt and contaminates
  • Harmful acidic rainfalls
  • Corrosion of concrete steel reinforcement
  • Growth of microorganisms
  • Deposition of salt
  • Development of moss, lichen and algae
  • Grease and liquid stains
  • Graffiti

Long lasting protection durability - at least 10 years

For more information or free quotation contact us by phone: 04 333 82956 or email


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