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Inspired by nature 

self-cleaning and easy to clean hydrophobic and photo-catalytic nano coatings.

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NanoMagic - Brick nano Protection and Impregnation Service

Brick is a common building material and looks fantastic however a brick wall or facade acts like a gigantic sponge which will happily soak any liquid.

Water ingress is hugely problematic for brick and over time due to freeze thaw action, UV from the sun, salt ingress the brick will slowly disintegrate. Cracks on the brick, edges flaking away, mortar joints crumbling, it’s not a pretty picture at best and can be hugely expensive and time consuming to repair at worst.

NanoMagic provides professional service i the field of brick wall restoration and protection. Our hydrophobic coatings will protect your brick wall from:

  • Water and chemicals penetration.NanoMagic brick hydrophobic nano coatingNanoMagic brick hydrophobic nano coating
  • Capillary moist permeability.
  • Environmental pollution, dirt and contaminates.
  • Harmful acidic rainfalls.
  • Brick corrosion.
  • Growth of microorganisms.
  • Deposition of salt.
  • Development of moss, lichen and algae
  • Grease and liquid stains.
  • Graffiti.

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